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Scholars@Duke is a research discovery system featuring the research, scholarship and activities of Duke faculty members and academic staff. Scholars displays web profiles that summarize a person's roles at Duke and their connections with colleagues.

  • Faculty can manage their Scholars@Duke profile here. For assistance with your Scholars@Duke profile, schedule a consultation here
  • Support resources are available on the Scholars@Duke Help Website.

Read Open Access Publications in DukeSpace

In March 2010, the Duke University Academic Council adopted an open access policy that applies to all Duke faculty members and provides Duke a license to make scholarly articles authored by Duke faculty freely available via a Duke University Libraries repository known as DukeSpace. The text of the policy is found in Chapter 6 of the Research Policy Manual. The DukeSpace repository hosts articles made available under this policy, as well as other scholarly resources from Duke.

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View Recipients of Professorships & Honorific Awards

The Office of the Provost oversees a suite of university-wide professorships and awards honoring exceptional scholars, as well as awards recognizing students, faculty and staff members who have demonstrated outstanding commitments to service.

Several honorific awards are listed in Scholars@Duke and are also available via a Tableau report (Net ID required)


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