How to Apply

Faculty should contact their department chair or dean's office to confirm the proper process for requesting a leave.  Once approved within the school, the dFac user should enter the request into dFac, attaching a written request from the Dean.


Types of Academic Leaves

Academic Leave TypeEligibility to ApplyDurationPayTenure Clock Affected
SabbaticalTenured Faculty. Typically earned every 6 years. Accelerated sabbaticals available for select schools.1-2 semestersfull or halfNo
Jr. Faculty LeaveAssistant Professors who have been reappointed.1 semesterfullNo
Research LeaveTypically for regular-rank faculty, however each school may provide different variations of research leaves with differing eligibility requirements.1-2 semestersfull of halfNo
Administrative LeaveTypically for faculty who have held an administrative appointment.1-2 semestersfull or halfNo
Competitive Dean's LeaveTypically for Professors of the Practice and Research Professors1 semesterfullNo
Unpaid Leave of AbsenceContact dean's office for more details.variesnonevaries