Principles for Faculty Searches

Duke is committed to rigorous, equitable and inclusive searches to recruit and hire the most talented faculty. The Ethics of Recruitment and Faculty Appointment was adopted by the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences in November 1992 and jointly by the American Association of University Professors in June 1993. It contains the guiding principles for faculty searches.

The Office of Faculty Advancement and The Office of Institutional Equity offer training and best practices for faculty recruitment.

Planning for a Search

  • Search plans are periodically submitted to the Provost for approval.
  • The "Ending Appointments" report in dFac can help to confirm upcoming openings.
  • Unless a search waiver has been granted, all open non-regular rank faculty (and Job Family 27) positions, with the exception of the School of Medicine and School of Nursing, should plan to advertise through Academic Jobs Online, also known as AJO.
  • Designated administrators are able to request a faculty search waiver

Candidate Selection

  • Voting faculty and search committees should attend training prior to participating in a candidate selection process. Staff and students who participate in the recruitment process may also need to attend training.
  • Both the faculty handbook and each unit's bylaws should be referenced to confirm which faculty are eligible to vote on a given candidate.
  • The Faculty Procedures Manual offers additional guidelines and templates for conducting a single-unit search or joint-unit search.
  • Upon the completion of search, a summary of the dispositioned candidates, as tracked in AJO, will be reported to the Office of Institutional Equity. Searches conducted outside of AJO should manually fill out this EEO report. Search committee reports or alternative documentation of the process should be submitted to the school administration per the school’s policies.



  • Once a written offer is signed, the hiring process in Duke@Work (SAP) can begin.  New faculty hires are initiated using the New Faculty Member form in dFac.
  • After a New Faculty Member form is initiated, incoming faculty have the "pre-hire" status until their start date.  Pre-hires are eligible to access several Duke systems in order to facilitate the onboarding process. Pre-hires  may also be eligible for a sponsored account.
  • Duke Visa Services offer many resources to assist with the hiring process.
  • Research Navigators can assist incoming faculty with any research-related tasks, including applying for PI status.