The Department Chair or School Liaison nominates a review committee for the Dean's approval.  Once approved, the Department Chair or School Liaison will inform the candidate of the review committee’s membership. Requirements for the composition of the review committee are listed below. In circumstances where the requirements below cannot be met, approval from the Provost can be requested.

  1. Review committees must include at least one member from outside the primary reviewing unit, appointed by the Dean of the school where the dossier will be reviewed.
  2. Coauthors should not serve on the review committees.
  3. Chairs should not serve on review committees. However, in small departments where the review committee comprises all department members entitled to vote, the Chair should be present for all discussions so that the Chair's letter to the Dean is fully informed by the committee discussions, which also double as departmental discussions.
  4. The Faculty Handbook specifies that “when a basic authorized academic unit has fewer than five tenured faculty available to vote, the Provost shall add…tenured faculty members from other authorized academic units…”, so that the “voting membership…will number at least five.” For purposes of candidates being reviewed by the APT Committee, additional faculty will be added by the Provost—in consultation with the Dean and department chair—so that ad hoc review committees are comprised of five or more voting members (not counting the department chair). At least five tenured faculty members of the ad hoc review committee must be present for the final discussion and vote.