The Department Chair Materials are collected into a separate folder as part of the complete dossier.

Revised March 2023

Dear Dean X:


I transmit to you the recommendation that _________ be (appointed/promoted) to the rank of ____ Professor, in the Department/School of _________.


Procedures followed during the evaluation (for external appointments where there was no formal search, summarize the process that led to the appointment)


Bulleted List of Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Evaluation of whether the candidate responded to suggestions in reappointment letter (for internal tenure candidates).

Summary of faculty deliberations at departmental meeting(s)


Candidate’s contributions to field and standing in field (elaborate on the role of the candidate’s collaborative ventures):


Chair's Independent Opinion

  • For internal tenure cases: comment on how well the candidate responded to the feedback from the reappointment review
  • Candidate’s effectiveness and development as a teacher; comparison to others in department
  • Candidate as a department member
  • Candidate as a university and professional citizen
  • Candidate’s projected future contributions


Chair’s recommendation:




                                                                                                                        Department Chair


Required Supplementary Information

(to be appended to report or as separate pdf documents in the ‘Departmental Chair’s Materials’ folder)

  • Copy of reappointment summary (for internal tenure candidates) 
  • Description of unit’s voting policy
  • Names of those present and voting and numerical vote tallies
  • Six suggestions of additional arms-length evaluators, with institutional affiliations, email addresses, and brief bios.   


Revised March 2023



I regret to inform you that the department has voted not to recommend to the Dean and Provost that you be reappointed/promoted. The voting faculty made the decision for these reasons: (DESCRIBE THE REVIEW's FINDINGS.) If you wish to appeal this recommendation to the Dean and Provost prior to their having reviewed the file, please file that appeal in writing within fourteen days of the date of this letter. Otherwise, they will conclude that you do not wish to contest this recommendation.



Department Chair/Dean of School

Attach the letter from the reappointment dossier

Include the voting policy for the department

Include the names of those present to vote and the numerical vote tally

Six suggestions of additional arms-length evaluators, with institutional affiliations, email addresses, and brief bios.