SOLICITATION TO the CANDIDATE (Approved Sample Letter)

Revised: March 2023


Dear Professor ____
I write to inform you of the materials you will need to furnish for your upcoming promotion/appointment review. All these materials are described on the Duke University Faculty Affair’s website. In particular, it will help the review committee, for you to provide:

1. (For external candidates; omit this section if letter is to an internal candidate) A current curriculum vitae with an attached list of your ten most important publications and professional contributions, rank-ordered by you. In the margins, please number your CV to
correspond to this rank-ordered list (1-10);

1. (For internal candidates; omit this section if letter is for an external candidate) A current curriculum vitae with an attached list of your ten most important publications and professional contributions, rank ordered by you. Please have your CV include two additional features: 1) The department/research area for Ph.D., title of Ph.D. dissertation and name of Ph.D.
advisor, 2) marginal numbers identifying the items on your rank-ordered list (1-10);

2. A synopsis of your intellectual interests. If your work is interdisciplinary, please identify the relevant disciplines and provide a description of your contribution to each;

3. If warranted, address in your intellectual development narrative or a separate statement any impact that COVID-19 has had on your research progress, teaching, and productivity.

4. Discuss how you foster an equitable and inclusive learning and research environment. If applicable, highlight any service that aims to advance Duke’s values of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

5. A statement of your intellectual development describing your research (completed, in progress, and planned), your teaching (philosophy and goals, strategy and approaches, and courses developed and envisioned), and your service to your university and to the profession; Where relevant, address in your intellectual development statement your public engagement activities, particularly engagement that is grounded in and draws on your research and expertise. The intellectual development narrative should be written in first person and should provide a detailed summary of your research, teaching, and service activities in your own voice. The audience for this statement includes the external letter writers, faculty colleagues, and readers outside your direct area of study (e.g., Dean or APT committee members).

6. One copy each of the ten publications, manuscripts, and other accomplishments included on your top-ten list described above. All publications must be provided in a digital format, such as a .PDF file. It would be helpful if you could submit copies of published reviews of your work as well;

7. A list of graduate mentoring activities;

8. Syllabi for all courses taught since appointment or most recent promotion

9. (for external candidates only; the department furnishes evaluations for internal candidates.) Student evaluations of your courses, if available; and

10. An alphabetical list of your collaborators. You are free to suggest up to three scholars outside Duke who know your work and are capable of
writing an independent evaluation of it. This is not a requirement, and candidates sometimes waive this privilege. You may also identify scholars you do not want us to contact, explaining why. We ask that you submit these materials to _________ by ____. If you have any questions, please let
me know.

Department chair (or unit head)