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Summary of Academic Titles

Named Chair Professors (Titles for these are specified by endowments)
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor

Principally Instructional
Professor of the Practice of
Associate Professor of the Practice of
Assistant Professor of the Practice of
Associate (Medical Center)
Research and Instruction
Research Professor
Associate Research Professor
Assistant Research Professor
Clinical Work and Instruction
Clinical Professor
Associate Clinical Professor
Assistant Clinical Professor

Only full-time faculty members are eligible to hold any of the regular-rank titles listed above. All faculty appointments [primary/secondary/joint] at any of these regular-rank titles must go on the Trustee List and, as a consequence, require written approval by the Provost, Dean(s), and Department Chair(s).

Source for University policy regarding evaluation of regular rank, non-tenure track faculty:
Ad Hoc Committee’s Report on Procedures for Regular, Non-Tenure Track Faculty Approved by Academic Council April 18, 1991 (See Faculty Handbook, Appendix C)

Source for operational criteria and descriptions of regular rank and non-regular rank titles:
Nomenclature Committee’s Report Approved by Academic Council December 15, 1988

Criteria for “Full Professor of the Practice of” and “Full Research Professor,” effective since academic year 1995

Minimum expectations for faculty holding the rank of  Full] Professor of the Practice:  Faculty members “engaged principally in teaching in a degree granting unit of the University.  This ‘obvious instructional component’ will be written as a term of appointment in their contract with the University, and verified and evaluated in the review process for renewal of contract” [Nomenclature Committee’s Report, December 15, 1988] and who are widely known for the outstanding quality of their performance, as opposed to the quality of their research.  An example could be a media individual who is widely recognized for the exceptional quality of his/her contributions as a journalism practitioner and influence in world cultural and/or political affairs as opposed to Duke’s tenured Full Professors who are recognized for their continual innovative research accomplishments and influence in their disciplines. 

Minimum expectations for faculty holding the rank of  [Full] Research Professor:  Faculty members “engaged principally in research but whose professional activities also include an ‘obvious instructional component’ that is written as a term of appointment in their contract with the University, and verified and evaluated in the review process for renewal of contract” [from Nomenclature Committee’s Report, December 15, 1988] and who are conducting original research at a level and quality at least equivalent to that of Duke’s tenured Full Professors.


Principally Instructional:
Adjunct Professor
Associate Adjunct Professor
Assistant Adjunct Professor
Senior Lecturing Fellow
Lecturing Fellow
Principally Clinical:
Consulting Professor
Associate Consulting Professor
Assistant Consulting Professor
Consulting Associate
Scholar in Residence

According to the Nomenclature Report approved in 1988, the Adjunct Professor, Consulting Professor, and Lecturing Fellow titles are "for individuals without a primary academic appointment at Duke, who contribute to an academic, research or professional program on a part-time basis....Individuals who have a primary but non-academic appointment at Duke" for example, persons who were hired as full-time administrative staff, "may be given the 'Adjunct' title for a secondary academic appointment, as may individuals from outside the university."  The Scholar in Residence title is a "courtesy title for individuals who have no academic responsibilities or financial support from the University but are deserving of an affiliation with the University."

Senior Research Scientist
Research Scientist
Senior Research Scholar
Research Scholar
Research Associate

The Research Scientist and Research Scholar titles are for "persons who are engaged principally with research and not with instruction.  Within this research group, the first two subsets are more advanced, with the 'Senior' rank equivalent to at least that of Associate Professor."  Research Scholars and Research Scientists "are usually not supported by hard funds."  The Research Associate title is for "junior level researchers who are usually supported by soft funds generated by a faculty sponsor(s)." (Nomenclature Report, approved December 15, 1988)

Visiting .... (may modify any academic title)
Artist in Residence




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