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Notes on External Evaluators:

NOTES: About selection of evaluators:

Evaluators must be of equal or higher rank than that for which the candidate is being reviewed.

Collaborators (with the exception listed below), supervisors, and present or former departmental colleagues are considered to be too closely connected to candidates to review them.  For internal candidates for promotion, colleagues at UNC-CH and NCSU are also considered too close.  Deans are expected review the dossiers and return them to the originating units for additional letters when evaluators are found to be inadequately removed from the candidate. Should the department believe that there are too few qualified independent evaluators to meet the requirement specified above, there should be a full explanation in the Chair’s Report.

NOTES: About external evaluations/letters:

For initial tenure-track appointment (without tenure), at least three external letters are required.

For the reappointment (without tenure) of tenure-track faculty, external letters are not needed unless departmental bylaws require them.

For reviews of appointment with tenure, the award of tenure, and promotion with tenure, at least six external letters must be provided from competent reviewers outside of Duke who are not closely connected with the candidate.   NONE of the letter-writers may have been former students or supervisors of the candidate, and NONE may have been colleagues or collaborators.  For interdisciplinary work, more than six letters should be provided.

For reviews for initial appointment to Full Professor or internal promotion to Full Professor, the following five points must be satisfied:

1) A minimum of six external letters is required.
2) At least four of the external letter-writers must have never collaborated with the candidate (i.e., they must be "fully arms-length"),
3) Of the remaining external letters (beyond the four fully arms-length mentioned above), they may also be fully arms length, or their writers may have been colleagues or collaborators on shared projects the most recent of which must have been completed and published more than seven years ago.  Such a relationship must be clearly explicit.
4) NONE of the letter-writers may have been colleagues or collaborators in the past seven years.
5) NONE of the letter-writers may have been former supervisors or students of the candidate.





We now have a new PDF document, complete with screen shots, that better explains how to produce the tabular summary of course evaluations.

Please check the Important Updates (PDF) file for reminders/changes.

Clarification on arms-length requirements for external reviewers is available in the "Notes on External Reviewers" section.

Special Instructions for Joint Appointments are now available in the Materials for Dossiers section.









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