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Dossier Formatting Instructions

The Provost and the APT Committee request a specific format for dossiers being considered by APT.  (See PDF for example of formatting)

Please note the following: 

Each dossier should be in a main folder, titled with the candidate’s last name.

The dossier should be broken up into subfolders that correspond to the main sections of the dossier (titled candidate’s materials, committee materials, department chair materials, teaching, grants, etc.)

Save corresponding documents in the appropriate subfolder.  Some subfolders will have additional subfolders in them.  (see PDF for examples)

Files must be smaller than 24 mb.  Break up larger files if need-be.

The Important Updates (PDF) file will be updated periodically to clarify any issues raised during the year. Please feel free to call the Faculty Affairs Office (684-5949) for further clarification.

11/7/07 - Helpful instructions regarding formatting of dossiers (PDF)




We now have a new PDF document, complete with screen shots, that better explains how to produce the tabular summary of course evaluations.

Please check the Important Updates (PDF) file for reminders/changes.

Clarification on arms-length requirements for external reviewers is available in the "Notes on External Reviewers" section.

Special Instructions for Joint Appointments are now available in the Materials for Dossiers section.









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