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Provost's General Expectations for Dossiers

Specific materials to be supplied by schools on candidates for appointment, promotion, and/or tenure are indicated in the documents found on this page. The information requested is intended to provide a complete and comparable set of materials to permit a thorough evaluation of the candidate’s accomplishments, based on the same standards and similar measures, not only by the academic unit’s voting faculty, but also by the department chair and dean, representatives of the University faculty on the Advisory Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure (if applicable), and the Provost.

Although departmental/school voting procedures may specify that for external appointments at any rank all faculty are eligible to vote on an appointment, it is expected that the required vote on tenure for such candidates “by secret unsigned ballot of tenured faculty members” will not take place until after members of the tenured faculty have had an opportunity to study and discuss the complete dossier, including the review committee’s detailed report and external letters.  Tenured faculty members, upon retirement, relinquish privileges associated solely with tenured faculty status (e.g., voting rights with respect to promotion and tenure for tenure-track faculty).

The Faculty Handbook (Chapter 3, page 3) specifies that “when a basic authorized academic unit has fewer than five tenured faculty available to vote, the Provost shall add…tenured faculty members from other authorized academic units…”, so that the “voting membership…will number at least five.”  For purposes of candidates being reviewed by the APT Committee, additional faculty will be added by the Provost—in consultation with the Dean and department chair—so that ad hoc review committees are comprised of five or more voting members (not counting the department chair).  At least five tenured faculty members of the ad hoc review committee must be present for the final discussion and vote.  The department chair is expected to attend all ad hoc review committee meetings as an ex officio member, in order to report on the discussion in his or her letter for the dossier, but would not vote except in the case of a tie.  

The vote tally within the academic unit is confidential information that may be shared with the eligible faculty members present for the vote.  However, except for the unit head’s written report to the dean for purposes of the candidate’s dossier, the outcome of the faculty’s vote should be reported only as either positive or negative, without reference to whether it was unanimous, mixed, or split. 

All letters and other material received or assembled by the academic unit in connection with the candidate’s evaluation, whether solicited or not, must be included in the dossier.

When candidates hold secondary/joint appointments and/or participate in interdisciplinary activities beyond the primary department, it is expected that such other academic units will be asked to provide a statement about the level and quality of the candidate’s contribution there. 

For ALL cases (tenure and tenure track as well as non-tenure track) the Provost requires the dossier to be in Adobe Acrobat format on a CD.  This CD should be formatted to be read by computers using Windows operating systems.  (File titles should only contain alpha-numeric text.) The CD should include copies all candidate materials except publications not available digitally (e.g. books), which should be included as hard copy. 
NOTE:  Your Dean’s office may require one or more hard copies of the dossier.  Check with the Dean. 





We now have a new PDF document, complete with screen shots, that better explains how to produce the tabular summary of course evaluations.

Please check the Important Updates (PDF) file for reminders/changes.

Clarification on arms-length requirements for external reviewers is available in the "Notes on External Reviewers" section.

Special Instructions for Joint Appointments are now available in the Materials for Dossiers section.









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