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Criteria for Tenure

Tenure at Duke University, whether awarded to a faculty member currently on the Duke faculty or offered to a scholar who is being recruited for the Duke faculty, should be reserved for those who have clearly demonstrated through their performance as scholars and teachers that their work has been widely perceived among their peers as outstanding. Persons holding the rank of associate professor with tenure are expected to stand in competition with the foremost persons of similar rank in similar fields and to show clear evidence of continuing excellence in scholarly activity in their years at the university. Good teaching and university service should be expected but cannot in and of themselves be sufficient grounds for tenure. The expectation of continuous intellectual development and leadership as demonstrated by published scholarship that is recognized by leading scholars at Duke and elsewhere must be an indispensable qualification for tenure at Duke University.

Excerpts from Chapter 3, page 2, Duke University Faculty Handbook

Criteria for Promotion to Full Professor

Full professors play a critical role in determining the intellectual quality of the university. Thus the rank of professor should be reserved for those who have clearly met the criteria for tenure and have demonstrated their continuous intellectual development and leadership. It should be clear that appointment to associate professor does not necessarily imply eventual promotion to full professor. Promotion to full professor should be reserved for those who have an academic record documenting a continuous high-quality performance level in at minimum two of the following three required components of scholarly productivity--research, teaching and service--together with a good performance record in the third required component. Length of service alone should not produce an expectation for promotion.

Excerpts from Chapter 3, page 2, Duke University Faculty Handbook




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